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Welcome (retrospective)
August 4, 2008, 8:58 pm
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When back in 1994 I was given my first computer I didn’t know how deep impact it will have on my life.

I grew up in a poor communistic country. We were years behind with technology. Bo some of my classmates had computers and I was fascinated by them. When I got mine I used it to create programs in Basic. I was interested in anatomy so I was creating programs with anatomy terms. When I got my first dial-up Internet connection, around 1996, I set up my first web page. It was a personal web page. Then the period of games and I became totally immersed and addicted. Because of my education in high school (a lot of English classes, thanks to my parents) I was teaching English and I created a web page about English – mostly static html. Then someone introduced me to CMS (content management system) and open source software. It gave me the ability to create a really advanced web pages. At that time I created a forum and I formally became a facilitator of online community.

I admit it’s a tough work, it’s never been easy for me.

Later I started to teach English online (online courses) using Moodle. It gives great opportunities for creating communities.

I certainly need more practice in creating and facilitating online communities.

I study psychology so I am particularly interested in psychological aspects of FOC – mechanisms, personality traits of facilitators and so on.

It have always been my dream to create communities where a lot of people would share their knowledge.

I know I will learn a lot from You and from this course and I hope you will learn a little from me 😉